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Teaching WITHOUT Technology

Wondering what to do without your powerpoint files? You can ask the students to come up with the content—and the questions. Here are some suggestions:

Concept Mapping.

Ask students to get in small groups and create concept maps of the content they are supposed to learn for the day (on big sheets of paper, or using Padlet or Ask them to share their concept maps with one another and identify gaps or areas of questions.

For more information on concept mapping:

Group Brainstorming.

Group students in 4-5s

Each group gets chart paper and a felt pen


1. Brainstorm everything you know about… (course, concept etc) on a large sheet of paper

2. Get up and view all the other groups ideas. You can add ideas that you did not list on your sheet. (faculty also reads)

3. Add anything else to your list. 

4. Flip the paper and now create X number of questions you have about (course, concept etc.)

5. Get up and view all the other questions. Find a question to which you don’t know the answer. Stay at that paper. (faculty also reads)

Have a few students read out a question and ask the students to answer. (Ideally there will be different answers, depending on the topic) 

This could be preparation for a quiz, a formative assessment of student learning, or a baseline for faculty to get a sense of students’ attitude, knowledge or skills. It could also be used to start an in depth discussion on one of the questions. 

Flipping your lesson with dice.

Prepare a stack of content-related questions prior to class. Sort the questions by level of difficulty. Then, during class, ask each group to roll a die. The number they roll corresponds to the question their group must answer. For example, if they roll a 1, then they get a level 1 or “easy” question. If they roll a 6, then they get a level 6 or “very challenging” question.

More information on active learning strategies for the flipped classroom:

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