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Regis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: What’s New?

Thank a Teacher

93% of faculty at Regis report that getting a thank you note from their students is motivating and inspiring. This year CETL will invite students to submit a short note or comment thanking or expressing appreciation for a teacher, coach, advisor, mentor, or tutor. CETL will deliver the thank you notes to the recipients.

Open Classroom Week

Monday, Sept 23-Thursday, Sept 26
Similar to some aspects of the Celebration of Student Learning, this week will provide opportunities for faculty to visit one another’s classes—online and face-to-face. During this week, a number of Regis faculty will open their classrooms to their colleagues, creating opportunities for conversations about teaching and learning across disciplines. This week is a great opportunity to explore new pedagogies, check out technologies and
materials, and reflect on our own practices in the classroom.*

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Academy:

CSRE and CETL piloted this program last year
and will offer it again this year. Participants learn about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,
design a project, collect data, and draft an article for presentation or publication.
Stay tuned!

Faculty Learning Communities

Contact CETL at if you would like more information.

Affiliate Faculty Interest group: For those faculty, ranked and affiliate, who are interested in supporting and engaging affiliate faculty.

Inclusive Excellence Community of Practice: For those faculty who want to share and learn from one another about inclusive pedagogy and practice handling difficult conversations in class. Co-Sponsored by CETL and the Office of Diversity.

Ignatian Pedagogy 2.0: For those faculty who want a deeper dive into conversations about Ignatian Pedagogy and incorporating Jesuit Values into teaching and learning at Regis. Co-sponsored by CETL and the Office of Mission.

One Book, One Regis. CETL will be offering an asynchronous, online discussion for the distance and affiliate faculty who may not be able to attend on-campus discussions. Past books include Citizen by Claudia Rankin and Across that Bridge by John Lewis.

Have an idea for another learning community or community of practice? Contact CETL and we can help with invitations and logistics.

*Description of Open Classroom borrows from Mount Holyoke College Teaching and Learning Initiative.

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